User Score

Elevate Risk Assessment with Credit Score API: Accurate predictions for financial decision-making.

Trully's User Score API offers a distinctive perspective, enabling a deeper understanding of your users. This powerful instrument allows you to quantify specific user characteristics, enhancing the way you tailor interactions and make decisions.

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Endpoint Details

  • Method: POST
  • URL:

This endpoint serves as your portal to leveraging advanced data analysis for informed financial decision-making. It allows for the submission of user data for comprehensive fraud analysis and evaluation, returning results including a fraud score and suggested actions in a clear JSON format.

Make Informed Credit Risk Decisions

The Credit Score feature of the User Score API is an invaluable asset for evaluating an individual's creditworthiness. It integrates geospatial data, socio-demographic information, and employment history to produce a detailed credit score. A higher score signifies a lower credit risk, equipping you with crucial insights for informed decision-making.


  • Mitigate Credit Risk: Identify users presenting higher credit risks and adjust your financial offerings to better suit their profiles.
  • Personalize Experiences: Tailor user experiences and financial services based on individual creditworthiness.
  • Optimize Decision-Making: Employ data-driven strategies to minimize financial losses and seize opportunities.

Discover the transformative impact of the User Score and Credit Score API on user engagement and financial decision-making.