Face Verification (1:1)

Enhance security with our Face Verification service, designed to prevent Account Takeover (ATO) with cutting-edge biometric technology.

Our Face Verification Service adds an advanced layer of security to prevent unauthorized Account Takeover (ATO) attempts. Utilizing cutting-edge biometric technology, we provide a dependable and efficient means for real-time user identity verification, ensuring access is only granted to legitimate account owners.


Leverage our Face Verification Service to enhance security and streamline user validation. Facilitate easier onboarding and maintain transactional integrity by efficiently verifying identities. For details on how to implement this service, refer to our API reference section.

Key Features

1. User Onboarding with Signup

Incorporate our face verification technology seamlessly into your signup process. New users can register by capturing a facial image, linking each account to a distinct, verifiable individual from the outset. This integration significantly boosts the security and integrity of your user base.

2. Real-Time Transaction Verification

Enhance transaction security by verifying the identity of the person conducting the transaction as the account holder. Our service cross-references the facial image taken at the transaction moment with the one stored during signup. This comparison confirms the transaction is being executed by the legitimate account owner.