Solutions Overview

Welcome to the latest updates in Trully’s suite of core tools. We’re continuously evolving to provide you with the most advanced fraud prevention and credit risk management solutions.

Core Tools at Trully

Trully's offerings are centered around three main verticals:

  • Credit Risk
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Compliance

Data Enrichment API

Purpose: Collects extensive data related to an individual's identity, encompassing demographic, geospatial, and financial aspects.

Application: Facilitates detailed user data enrichment, essential for thorough analysis and accurate risk assessment in core products.

Listed Weeks (IMSS or ISSSTE) API & Webhook

Overview: Weeks Contributed, Salary, and Employment Registered in IMSS and ISSSTE

Purpose: Captures and processes data on an individual's recorded weeks, vital for understanding their financial and social standing.

Application: Plays a crucial role in providing a comprehensive background check, thereby enhancing the precision of our Decision Maker and User Score predictions.

Fraud Prevention

Decision Maker - Fraud Prevention API and Digital Fraud Bureau

Function: Employs data*, AI, and computer vision for real-time identity verification during digital onboarding.

Benefits: Delivers swift and reliable authentication, markedly reducing identity fraud risk.

*Includes additional data such as CURP, Telephone, Email, IP, RFC


Function: Oversees the collection of user data, documents, and selfies, using either an easy-to-install SDK or a Magic Link via a web component, guiding users through the submission of a government-issued ID (INE or Passport) and a liveness-checked selfie to deter tampering or deepfakes.

Benefits: Ensures swift and dependable authentication, minimizing identity fraud risk.


PEP & Sanctions

Electronic Signature + NOM 151

Background Records

Integrating Trully into Your Systems

Simple Integration: Designed for seamless integration, Trully's APIs enhance your systems with easy access to our features.

Comprehensive Documentation: Our extensive API documentation provides thorough guidance on implementation, usage, and best practices.

Support and Resources: Our technical support team is ready to assist with integrating and optimizing Trully products within your digital ecosystem.

For more detailed information on each product and their capabilities, visit Trully's Products.