Getting Started

Kickstart your journey with Trully: Simple steps to swiftly integrate and leverage our powerful APIs.

Welcome to Trully APIs!

Get started quickly with our APIs. Follow these steps to begin integrating our powerful tools into your systems.

Step 1: Obtain API Credentials

  • Sign up for an account by contacting us directly at contact us.
  • Keep your keys safe.*

*The API Key is created especially for your company, so we recommend keeping it safe. In any situation where you believe that the API Key has been compromised, we suggest you contact the Trully team for an immediate replacement at no cost, and we will automatically block the old key.

Step 2: Choose Your API

Trully provides several endpoints for comprehensive fraud prevention and credit risk assessment. You can start by exploring this one:

  • Decision Maker API: Assesses data for identity fraud detection.

For more information, explore the product section to get a full description of the available products and endpoints.

Step 3: Make Your First Request

Step 4: Handle the Response

  • Each API will return a JSON response with data specific to the request.
  • Analyze the response to understand the insights or scores provided.

Step 5: Explore Further

  • Refer to each API’s specific documentation for detailed information on request formats, parameters, and response structures.
  • Experiment with different requests to see how the APIs respond to various inputs.

💬 We're here to help!

For any questions or assistance, contact our support team at [email protected] or use the Intercom widget on the bottom right of any page.

We're excited you're here! :blue-heart: