Data Enrichment

Enhance your data models and make data-driven decisions with the Trully Data Enrichment API.

The Trully Data Enrichment API is an integral component of our Data Tools suite, meticulously crafted to amplify the precision and efficiency of your machine learning models. It capitalizes on the wealth of valuable user information and diverse data sources to enhance your credit risk decision making.

Endpoint Overview

This endpoint is designed to provide comprehensive information related to an individual's identity. It plays a pivotal role in enhancing your user data by enriching it with valuable insights and context, making it more informative and actionable. For detailed information on request formats, data types, and response fields, please check the API reference section.

Key Features

Get started today to uncover powerful insights about your users and their surroundings.

1. Geospatial Insights

Gain valuable geospatial information, including criminal incidence levels, cost of living, economic lag, and more. Understand the risk associated with user locations.

2. High-Risk Locations

Detect potential high-risk locations, whether they are outside of your territory, inside a prison, or near one. Get insights into risk zones and fraud-related factors.

3. Real Estate Data

Access data on real estate properties, including rental and sale properties, average area sizes, rental prices, sale prices, and more. Use this information for various analyses.

4. Restaurants and Hotels

Explore insights into the restaurant and hotel industry, including the total number of establishments, average rankings, reviews, pricing, and more.

5. Demographic Access

Understand the availability of private and public services in a specific area, including accounting services, medical services, legal services, and more.

6. Demographic Statistics

Access demographic statistics, including population data, gender distribution, and more.

7. Address Validation

Validate addresses and gain geolocation information, ensuring accuracy in user data."

Leverage the Trully Data Enrichment API to enhance your understanding of users and their contexts, driving smarter decisions and creating more personalized, engaging user experiences.