November Highlights

Fraud in Latin America

New blog post! What are the limits of machine learning in preventing fraud? We debunk the myths surrounding machine learning models and their power to prevent fraud. We invite you to read our blog to stay up-to-date on fraud detection and identity theft issues.

Protection Against Money Muling

Our collective technology shields your business from money laundering and defaulters. By leveraging reported user data from other institutions, whether for managing mule accounts or past non-payment histories, we enhance your decision-making power. With a deeper understanding, our system not only complies with current AML regulations but also improves the products and services you offer to your clients.

Enhancements with Magic Link

Since its launch, Magic Link has proven to be a significant asset for our customers. We've further optimized this product's experience, allowing you to maximize its benefits. Magic Link now facilitates the generation of a user_id, streamlining the customer tracking process. We have also introduced a webhook to consult responses outside of the Dashboard for added convenience.

Fraud Rule Updates

We are constantly refining our fraud detection rules to enhance the usability and accuracy of our products. This includes new rules that bolster our fraud detection and prevention capabilities, as well as the removal of rules that have been identified as less effective or redundant.

Fraud Pattern Detection on Social Media

Our Social Media tools have been updated to amplify the impact of your decisions. We now include Facebook and Instagram, among the most popular social platforms, in our analysis. This update leads to a greater understanding of an email's history, thereby improving the assessment of your applicant's reliability.

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