May Highlights

Chargeback Alert and Prevention

Fight fraud with detection and notifications of abusive chargebacks

Identify and flag users with abusive chargeback behavior:

  • Greater visibility: Easily recognize users who may be making fraudulent chargebacks.
  • Enhanced control: Take proactive measures to protect your business from financial losses.
  • Network notifications: Receive notifications from others who have been flagged within the network for the same incident.

ISSSTE Webhook

Optimization of ISSSTE responses: Reduction of unanswered queries and maximization of hit rate

We have implemented a retry mechanism for queries that do not receive a response from ISSSTE within 6 minutes.
ISSSTE responses that are received after this period will be returned through a webhook.


  • Greater efficiency: Unanswered queries are eliminated.
  • Improved hit rate: Timely responses from ISSSTE are obtained, increasing the accuracy of the information.
  • Optimized response time: Waiting times are reduced for our users.

Inclusion of reports in JSON format in Decision Maker

This new feature significantly improves the understanding of the status of your applicants.

Now you can access detailed reports associated with an identity, including information on chargebacks and defaults, as well as the number of companies that have reported such incidents.
Gain greater visibility and control over potential chargebacks and defaults by querying an identity, which will allow you to better manage the risks associated with your applicants.
Visibility of the Web and Mobile Conversion Funnel

This new update allows you to monitor the behavior of your applicants when using our KYC service, offering a deeper understanding of how your customers, users or prospects interact with your platform.

Optimize your operation by understanding your customers:

This tool is essential to understand the interaction dynamics of users on your web and mobile platforms.
The functionality not only increases visibility into how customers, users or prospects navigate and complete processes on your site, but also facilitates a deeper understanding of the critical points where you could optimize conversion.
Thanks to this data, the companies we collaborate with have been able to significantly improve the placement of their products.

Do you want to explore these new features? Send us a message, our team is ready to help you make the most of our services.